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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In association with Aquafresh.

National smile month commences between the 16th May until the 16th June. The campaign aims to highlight the importance of oral health whilst promoting a happy and healthy smile. I was lucky enough to receive this gorgeous hamper (see above!) courtesy of Aquafresh and the launch of their newest range 'Aquafresh: Intense Clean'*

The range aims to provide your teeth and mouth with up to 8x the freshness and double the cleaning power of a regular toothpaste range. So how exactly does it work? Unlike other toothpastes, the intense clean range features micro-crystals which are up to 5x smaller than a regular toothpaste, making it easier to thoroughly clean those much harder to reach places. The intense clean mouthwash additionally offers an active fluoride which strengthens tooth enamel from the inside out, helping to protect cavities and keep teeth looking smile ready! Lastly, the toothbrush itself features three precision cleaning circles and a wave cut bristle configuration that adapts to the shape of your teeth to ensure it gets into those hard to reach places. 

Did you know that fluoride has been proven to reduce dental decay by at least 40%?!

From trialling the range over the course of the past three weeks, I have found my teeth have been left with a fresh, clean feeling which lasts. The circular shaped toothbrush has made brushing my teeth much easier than with a regular toothbrush, using a circular motion; the circular shaped bristles allow me to give my teeth an intricate clean, leaving me with a whiter and brighter smile! For me personally, a smile really can say a thousand words so it's super important for me to have my teeth looking photo ready at all times and the Aquafresh Intense Clean* range has really helped me with that. 

Did you know that 61% of people are attracted to people based on their smile alone?! For more fun facts and information about National Smile Month, please see here.

So now you know how to boost that healthy smile of yours, what is it that actually makes you smile? 
I smile because..
  • 'Good morning' texts.
  • When I turn the radio on and the song I was thinking of is currently playing.
  • After a good workout at the gym. 
  • I've brushed my teeth!

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Until next time,

What has made you smile this month?!

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