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Saturday, August 20, 2016

When I first began blogging, I would never have thought that I would reach a point of 'boredom'. In fact, I wouldn't consider myself as being bored of blogging. Writing, fashion, beauty and photography are four of my biggest interests in life. I just became stuck in a rut. A continuous cycle whereby I began publishing the same style of posts month in, month out. Each season or annual event I would scroll back to what I had published on the same topic in the previous year. This usually then led to me recreating a similar style of post simply because I knew it had performed well in the previous year. I began to lack the creativity and imagination which I had when I first began blogging. There was no longer a buzz or excitement as from when I had once allowed my head to sit and think and buzz around with so many new post ideas. 

In its shorter version. What I'm trying to highlight here is once you have been blogging a number of years or maybe even months, it's okay to feel stumped when it comes to producing new ideas. It's also okay to rebuild upon old ideas. If you're currently feeling uninspired when it comes to blogging then read on for my top tips on how to defeat that dreaded bloggers' block. 

Plan Ahead
Using a planner/journal, map out the next month of your life and checklist the following. What seasonal events are currently happening in your life? This may include 'back to school', 'halloween', 'Christmas' and if you're a fashion blogger even 'fashion week'. Other events to consider are those happening in your personal life. This could include a holiday, attending a blog event, beginning a new school or job. Let these events inspire your post ideas, for example; a holiday can open up the possibility of producing a travel photo diary, holiday make-up suggestions, packing tips/advice or even a guide to the local area you are visiting. 

Read the content you posted this time last year. Analyse what worked well, which ideas produced the most amount of views and comments. Ask yourself, are these topics still relevant now? Are you able to  add onto these ideas and develop your thoughts by creating a similar post now? Use the old to inspire the new.

Try to read other blogger's posts as often as you can to see what everyone around you is currently talking about. Read magazines too. What is currently trending? What are the hot topics this month? What is the zeitgeist? Are you able to add your own input? 

When placed under pressure the brain tends to work better as it is being forced into a reaction. Why not set yourself a timer for one minute and list as many post ideas as you can? Sometimes backing your brain into a corner can awaken some creativity you may have once felt was lost. 

Google post ideas
When in doubt, Google will always be your best friend. There are countless blog posts out there featuring endless lists of post ideas for you to feast your eyes upon. 

Blog Chats
I always find speaking to other bloggers really inspires and encourages me to keep going with my blog. Whenever I take a break away from blogging and feel as though I've lost the passion for it which I once had, taking part in a blogger chat always makes me miss it straight away. It's the perfect opportunity to network online, read and discover new blogs (Links are usually shared at the end of the chat!) and to make some blogging friends - Which trust me, always comes in useful if you need some blogging advice which your irl friends just can't relate to whatsoever!

Take a break 
And if all else fails, simply take a break. Inspiration can dwindle. We can't be expected to produce creative ideas week in, week out and you should never ever force your ideas. Posts where the content is clearly forced are not only painful for you to read and create but this really does reflect in your work and destroys the reader's pleasure in reading your work too. Creativity should always be produced with a natural flair. Take some time to yourself, explore, become inspired and the time will eventually come when you feel ready once again to sit back at your desk and get writing.

I hope you found some of these tips useful. I would say I've been in a little blogging rut over the past six months or so. However, I'm currently feeling super inspired and have so many new posts planned for you all! I'm hoping to produce more travel and fashion content towards the latter part of this year which I'm hoping will be a nice change for both you as the reader as well as something new for me to write produce. 
Until next time, 

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