The September Refresher

Monday, August 29, 2016

Making the most of your back to school season motivation.

back to school motivation all year round september

Generally I like to view September as quite a positive month. There's a new lease of motivation lingering the air as the back to school season brings both a fresh start and a chance to renew our goals for the next academic year. I always return to school/college/university with an extremely positive attitude and a genuine excitement towards studying and starting again by learning something new. 

I'm sure most of you can agree though that this positive attitude is short lived and by Christmas you're slowly losing the will to live and then by the time summer and exams roll around, you can't even face the thought of leaving your bed to go to school each morning.
But have no fear! Continue reading for my top tips on how you can ensure that motivated September attitude is here to stay all year round.

New, new, new
Whether it's new fitness gear or new stationery, I always feel so much more motivated to carry out my work if I'm excited to use my equipment. This doesn't even have to involve spending money. You could simply follow new blogs or create a new playlist to add some refreshment on your journey to work/school, change up your phone layout, try out a new hairstyle and if you are feeling spendy; treat yourself to a new outfit for that all important first day back to school. 
To continue this sense of refreshment throughout the year why not treat yourself to a new notebook for christmas, spring, summer etc or even a new lipstick as a reward for handing in that assignment you spent four months working on. 

Setting goals
If you haven't already sat down and thought about your goals for the end of the year or even the end of the next academic term, I'm sure this is something your teachers will be encouraging you to do in the coming weeks. A technique I like to use to help track my progress and keep me motivated past the September refresher is to review my goals at the end of each month. Set yourself a list of targets to have completed by Christmas, then review these at the end of both October and November. Tracking your journey towards your goals will help you to analyse your progress, see your results and ultimately boost your motivation towards completing your targets.

Do your research NOW
Make the most of your September motivation and begin to do your research now. What books do you need for your courses? Make a start on reading them now and take notes of things which may help you with your assignments further down the line. Trust me, when you reach a November rut you will seriously be thanking yourself for this.

Get pinning
Where else better to find inspiration than Pinterest? Create yourself a board of what's inspiring you right now. This could be a board filled with motivational quotes, fashion inspiration for the upcoming season or even photographs of scenery in the autumn/winter to get you feeling excited for the change of seasons. As let's be honest, the end of summer can be quite a saddening time for most of us I'm sure! 

Further this inspiration by printing out a select few of your favourite pins to decorate your notebooks or produce a photo wall in your office. Either way, it's time to refresh your work space!

Renew your gym contract
The new year and the summer season are definitely the peak seasons at the gym and a lot of us tend to only purchase a 3 month contract which covers us for the holiday season. Use your September motivation and extend that contract throughout the winter months. If you're paying for your fitness, you are much more likely to do your workout as nobody enjoys wasting their hard earned pennies right?! I also find myself feeling so much more motivated for the rest of the day after a successful workout so planning at least one fitness session a week is definitely super important for me!

I hope you're now feeling a lot more motivated, refreshed and inspired as we enter into the latter part of 2016. Use the September refresher as the perfect time to start over and make the next four months the best ones yet. 
Until next time,

What do you do to stay motivated?!
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