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Friday, September 30, 2016

'Bikini body' season is over. Alas, all hail sweater weather season! The time of year where all of our woolly, oversized knits make their way to the front of our wardrobes after being tucked away for the best part of a year. The time of year where tight clothing is a thing of the past. My body is able to enter into hibernation mode until next summer and I no longer need to worry about how many rolls my stomach can produce when sat down as they are safely tucked and hidden away behind my oversized, knitted jumper. 

I think it's safe to say that autumn/winter is the time of year when people begin to become complacent and lazy in regards to fitness. Fitness shouldn't have to be about 'bikini body' season. It should be about doing it for yourself. Keeping yourself in shape because being healthy makes you feel good on both the inside and outside. 
Read on to discover how you can beat the winter fitness blues...

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Reflect on your progress
Look back at photos of yourself from this past summer. Did you go on holiday this summer? Flick back through your bikini shots, look at how gorgeous your legs looked, how toned your arms were.. If you've spent a summer working hard at the gym do you really want to lose all of that progress you made just because your body won't be on display anymore? When you're healthier, you usually look and feel happier. And health and happiness shouldn't just be restricted to the summer; let those pictures motivate you to keep it up!

Keep a fitness diary
Every time you complete a workout this season keep a diary to log your feelings before and after a gym session. If it made you feel good afterwards, write it down! If you're not a fan of a diary, post a tweet about your successful session. Just make a note somewhere you will be able to look back on when you're feeling sluggish and demotivated to help remind yourself just how much you actually enjoy exercise and staying in good shape.

Bring it indoors
If the bad weather outside is your excuse for not working out then let the workouts come to you. There are plenty of exercise videos on YouTube for you to have a crack at all from the comfort of your own bedroom. Simply plug your computer in and go. One of my personal favourite at home workouts is with the app 'pump up.' The app allows you to select your location whether that be at home, outdoors or even on holiday! The equipment you have available to you and if you have none, no fear! There's a workout for that too. The app demonstrates the exercises giving you something easy to copy and follow. No excuses.

Boost your concentration
Not only does exercise release endorphins which are scientifically proven to make you happier but drinking plenty of water is known to help improve concentration levels. In the summer this is normally quite easy to keep on top of due to the hot weather making you naturally more thirsty. If you're headed back to school/college/work/university this season then it's good practice to keep yourself hydrated and drink water during your lectures and at home when doing homework/revision. Not only is your health being looked after but your mind will be too.

'The Christmas body'
Heard of the 'bikini body'? Well this season sees the comeback of the 'Christmas body.' The run up to Christmas with Halloween, Bonfire Night and many seasonal food events can lead to a much higher indulgence in junk food than any other time of the year. With such delights on offer, you're more prone to weight gain during this time of the year, which is the perfect reason to maintain your fitness this season. You may not actually lose any additional weight but maintaining rather than gaining due to all of your extra food intake this season is seriously worth it. While everyone starts panic rushing to the gym in January you'll have nothing to worry about as you kept on top of things all season. You go gurrrl!

Do it for yourself
Most importantly, stay in shape not for others but for yourself. In the colder seasons, junk food feels far more comforting than a salad bowl but as the saying goes "You are, what you eat." Give your body junk and you'll feel like junk. Give your body goodness and you'll start to feel good on both the inside and out. 

This season, don't let your diet and fitness reflect the miserable weather outside. Stay happy, healthy and allow your smile to part a way between the dark clouds in the sky. 

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