My First Flying Experience

Friday, September 23, 2016

Hello, my name is Toni and I am 19 years old. Almost 20, in fact. And as hard as it may be to believe, I really did only experience my first ever flight this past month. And this is that story, of my very first experience...

It was around this time that I remember shuffling into a mini bus with my group of friends as we were ready to depart for the airport. The motorway journey to the airport flew by quite fast and with all my friends having flown before, they were undoubtedly excited and prepared for what to expect. I, however was freaking out on the inside. My ears were already popping on the motorway and so I dreaded how they would react against both the air and cabin pressure of a plane. 

Upon arrival at the airport, we could see some planes ready and waiting in the terminals in the distance. My first words were "They aren't as big as I imagined them to be. I'm quite disappointed." I felt quite silly for saying this once I became up close and personal with them a mere three hours later. 

Check in time.
Oh boy. This was a long and dreary process. Even though our flight was still over 2 hours away, the queue was certainly a lot bigger than what I imagined it to be. Half an hour later and once my bags were finally checked in, it was time to head on down to airport security. I actually found this to be quite a daunting process. Having to remove my hat, jacket, empty out my bag and place my case on the hold made me feel like some kind of prisoner! But hey, it's all part of the process! Finally, after putting all of my items back on I was able to enter in the world of Duty Free! Clearly every beauty blogger's favourite part about the airport right?! 

World Duty Free
I didn't actually end up purchasing anything in the end but just being able to look around and explore all that was on offer was quite exciting. Instead I treated myself to a Costa, which actually ended up being free as I had enough points on my card to redeem for a strawberry and cream cooler. By this time I was extremely tired as we waited on for our flight gate to be announced as open. Then the race to queue was on! 

This is where I began to feel like I was experiencing rather a luxury for my first flight as I hovered over to the priority boarding queue. Being able to board the plane faster and skip the regular customer queue was certainly a real blessing and the extra leg room on the plane itself was divine. If you're taking a long haul flight anytime soon I'd seriously recommend paying the little extra for this if you can, it's better to be comfortable than cramped! 

Take off.
I was terrified. I'm not even scared of heights but I just had no idea what to expect and I was so scared of the pressure build up I was about to experience on my ears. All I can say, is thank heavens my flight was only 2 and a half hours long because little did I know how sensitive my ears were actually going to be to cabin pressure. I had forgotten to bring some boiled sweets with me which was a serious mistake. My lack of swallowing made it much more difficult for my ears to pop and so by the end of the flight the build up of pressure on my ears was excruciatingly painful. I was in a serious amount of discomfort. 
A young couple sat opposite me noticed this and offered me a polo which was so lovely of them. I thanked them a lot when I got off of the flight and explained it had been my first time flying, the girl offered me some tips including making myself yawn which definitely helped a lot on my flight home. So to the young couple visiting Barcelona on the 7th September, shoutout to you! 

Besides the discomfort in my ears, the view was in incredible. I was lucky enough to have had a window seat on both my outbound and inbound flights. My first flight, as it was a morning flight, meant I was able to see the sunrise through the clouds which is a moment I will never forget. The blend of pink and golden orange tones bursting through the fluffy, white clouds was truly magical. And as clichè as it is, clouds really do look like marshmallows up close. Passing over the Spanish mountains was also another beautiful moment, the clouds appeared to rest perfectly above the cliff faces. I was simply in awe the whole time. 

Once I had landed in Barcelona, my ears were deaf for the next 24 hours. Thankfully, not completely. It was very similar to having water blocked in your ears after swimming. As my ears struggled to pop on the flight I had to pay the price for the rest of the day. 

The flight returning home despite my extra efforts still had its fair share of problems. Unfortunately, the plane was delayed for 3 hours due to an excessive amount of air traffic in Barcelona and further down the skyline in France. In other words, too many planes were in the sky at once and therefore our flight had to take a back seat until the skies were clear. If I had been waiting in the airport it wouldn't have been so bad, at least then I would have been able to explore the shops. But unfortunately for me I was stuck on the plane for 3 whole hours. Thankfully me and my friends had a pack of cards to help pass the time!
This time I was sure to have a packet of sweets on hand for the flight. Werther's Originals incase you were wondering! I yawned as often as I could and I had a drink too. Take off and the duration of the flight was definitely less painful than my outbound flight. However, the last 20 minutes of the flight still affected my ears in the worst way possible and of course, I was left being semi deaf.. again. 

And that was my first time flying. There were ups and downs with incredible views and memories that I'll never forget. I hope you enjoyed reading my little story and if you were old enough to remember your first flight I'd love to hear your stories in the comments below! 
If you have any tips on how to make my ears in a little less discomfort during a flight please be sure to leave that advice below too!
Until next time,

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