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Thursday, November 24, 2016

floral embroidery

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American babes out there! I wish that Thanksgiving was more of a thing over here in the UK. I think it's so important to set aside a day each year where we reflect on everything good that has happened to us over the past 12 months. A day where we remind ourselves of all the good in our lives whilst coming together with our friends and families. We've adopted Halloween from America, maybe in five years time we will have invested into the idea of Thanksgiving too. 

I'm currently in the process of rebranding my blog. I've fallen into a little bit of a rut over the past few weeks and felt like I haven't been producing the best content that I possibly can. Over the past few weeks whilst I've taken a short break from blogging, alongside focusing on my university deadlines I have been considering what is the best way forward for me and Clarke Couture as we move into 2017. 

And so I am beginning with a complete new start. I have just purchased a new template and have decided to start focusing more on the content which I love. Fashion, travel and lifestyle. I have a lot of exciting day trips planned in the lead up to Christmas to produce some really fun photo diaries whilst really working on my overall photography and the quality of my content. I hope you are just as excited as I am about the rebrand! Today's post marks the first of my improved content and I would love your feedback in the comments below. I worked extra hard on these photos and really hope that there is a visible difference in the quality compared to my previous outfit post where I spent the day pumpkin picking.

I have also set up a Facebook page where I will be posting extra updates and sharing a new 'item of the day' feature too! I'm feeling super positive about the future of my blog and cannot wait to bring you along with me on my journey. 

embroidered skirt

autumn embroidered outfit

autumn outfit of the day

floral embroidery autumn

How gorgeous is this skirt from River Island?! I'm still obsessing over florals and embroidery as we move into the Winter months and this skirt is a true statement piece. And the best bit is, it's currently on sale for just £30!! With the words 'love' beautifully stitched into the design, I felt that this was the perfect item for any Thanksgiving meal. I chosen to pair it with some small black heels and a floaty mesh black top but I think that a crop knitted black jumper would love perfect paired with this in the colder months. This boyfriend fit coat is also perfect for layering, with its oversized fit I've been wearing my bomber under this for added warmth so much lately! I did unfortunately buy this last year however I have linked similar options below.

And talking of Thanksgiving, I thought it would be nice for me to share with you all the things that I have been grateful for over the past 12 months.

  • Achieving a 'FIRST' in my 1st year of uni.
  • Getting my first job working as a promotions intern at The Gypsy Shrine!
  • Going on my first ever plane journey when I visited Barcelona in September. It was beautiful! You can read all about my first ever flying experience here
  • Getting a cat! She's called Elsie and is the cutest little thing. Check out my Instagram where I'll be sure to share any cute photos of her over there!
  • Visiting London. It's my favourite ever city and this summer I was able to head back there for a long weekend after not visiting for a couple of years. It was such a lovely weekend and I really hope I'll be able to head back there next year too!
  • Meeting new people. I've been fortunate enough to meet many, lovely new friends this year and I really hope that these will be friendships that will last for many years to come.

As you can tell, a lot of my best achievements/memories for the year have included many 'first timers' which really helps me emphasise the point that you should always give something new a try if you're given the opportunity. I dare you for one whole day to say 'yes' to everything that you are asked to do. It will be life changing, I promise you!

river island floral embroidery

I really hope that you are excited for the changes that to come with my blog. If you have any suggestions for content that you would like to see me publish please let me know in the comments below. After all, I wouldn't be blogging if it wasn't for you as my readers and your lovely feedback in the comments. Your suggestions and support means the world to me. 
Happy Thanksgiving lovelies and here's to the future!

What are you thankful for this year?!

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