New Years Resolutions

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another year is finally over. Another story closes as a new novel begins, ready and awaiting for you to open its first pages tomorrow. 

As much as I generally dislike January as a month, (I find it too much of a disappointing comedown after a month filled with parties, festivities and joy!) I do however, love the idea of a fresh new start. And if you've been following my blog for a while now you will know that a fresh start is something I have been yearning for these past few months. With the changes already being slowly implemented into my blog, (new template, improved photo quality and a new style of content) I cannot wait to finally wipe the slate clean and start anew regarding everything in my life right now. 

2016 for me was certainly a year filled with highs and of course lows. And when the highs were high, they were some of the highest I've ever experienced. I went on my first ever plane journey, went back and visited my favourite city, (London, of course!) completed my first year of university with a first, worked with some lovely companies through my blog, started an internship and overall embarked on some great new adventures and let so many amazing new people into my life along the way. But when I had lows, they really were the rock bottom kind. A lot happened in my personal life which I'd rather not share online but I'm trying to view the entering of a new year as the perfect way to put all of the rubbish behind me and wipe the slate entirely clean. 

Of course, once again I am embracing my favourite ever fashion trend to come out of 2016; embroidered florals. As the saying goes "A flower does not compete with the flower next to it. It simply blooms." Which I find to be the perfect affirmation and mindset for me to take forward into the new year with me. And thus, what better way to embrace this than to wear floral e'rythang 24/7.. Well, that's how I'm attempting to justify yet another floral outfit...

These jeans are such a statement piece and I can see me getting so much more wear out of them during the spring months. They are perfect for adding that extra touch of effort to such a simple everyday outfit, as I have styled them in this post. Or, I can already envision how perfect they are going to look with a flowing cami and platform heels in the spring. I'm in love!

And with that affirmation in mind, here are my goals for 2017:

  • Don't be afraid to put an end to toxic relationships. 
  • Learn more about photography.
  • Read more.
  • Start going back to the gym again and get into shape.
  • Travel more.
  • Don't conform to things that you are not comfortable with doing. Only say 'yes' to an opportunity that feels right.
  • Secure a fashion marketing placement.
  • Stop being so hard on myself. Everything happens for a reason. If it doesn't happen then it simply wasn't meant to be.
  • Attend my first blog event.
  • Reach 1,000 Bloglovin'/Insta followers and 2,000 Twitter followers. 

A mixed bunch, I know! But I decided to cover some goals surrounding pretty much every part of my life. To read about more of my long term goals, you can check out my 30 before 30 bucket list here. 

Do you have any goals for the new year? Let's support each other by sharing them in the comments below!
Until next time,

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