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Monday, November 27, 2017

I've been M.I.A that long I may as well change my name to Mia.

Oh wow, it has been a loooooooong time no blog. So much so it's to the point that despite now working within the social media sector, sitting down and working on my own social platforms feels 'strange'. I've been M.I.A that long I may as well change my name to Mia.

So why did I take such a long break? I did think of returning, many times I have sat back at my desk and drafted a list of post ideas but nothing felt right. My inspiration just suddenly wasn't there anymore. A lot happened this year. A hell of a lot. And unfortunately my blog just became pushed to the back of my mind until it felt completely forgotten about. I haven't even tweeted in months, I was lucky to be posting on my Instagram twice a month. I didn't just drop my blog, my entire social media presence just became ghost like.

I've been through many big changes this year which has lead to me somewhat finding myself. I began this blog aged just seventeen with a completely different outlook on the world. Now nearing the age of twenty-one, I have inevitably changed. My style has changed. My opinions have changed. My writing style I like to think has remained mostly the same. I'm still me, I'm just a more solid version of myself. I feel a lot more sure of the way I want to portray myself online, the content I want to produce and the direction I want to take this blog towards as we move into 2018. (New Year's Resolution: Complete the year without a break!) 

For those of you new to Clarke Couture, I'm Toni. An aspiring fashion journalist, a self confessed shopaholic and if you put me into a room with cats, coffee and chocolate I will be eternally happy. Expect to see rants (aka my attempts on giving advice when fuelled by coffee), travel, style and much, much more! In terms a posting schedule, my aim is to typically begin with one post a week each Monday then potentially expand to two on either a Friday/Saturday. But for now, baby steps it is.

And so, until next time...

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