Fashion Student? Here's How To Secure Your Dream Placement

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

From one placement student to another, here's how to get yourself one step closer to securing that industry role.

September's Here And My Wardrobe's Clueless. Here's Why...

Monday, September 3, 2018

This month's memo? Check is so in right now.

September truly is the Cher Horowitz of months. Totally, Clueless. After an August of pretty damn crap weather (I'm not quite sure why it even still surprises me every year...), that once September comes around I'm so ready to throw on the knits, infuse my room with fall scented candles and function off of Pumpkin Spiced Latte's. Yes, I truly am as basic as they come.

It's almost quite like the second New Year. The leaves begin to turn and fall off the trees, schools start afresh for a new term, I've got my hair booked in for a fresh trim FYI! And fashion month enters our sphere once again, breathing in a new lease of trends to hunger for.

September 2nd however, and as I'm writing this it's currently a baking 22 degrees outside.

Not quite the time of year to pull out the shearling teddy coat just yet. (I tried this last week. See outfit photo below for reference.. it's safe to say I sweated my damn back off).

But here we are, return of the transitional period where the "I have a wardrobe full of clothes but don't know what to wear" dilemma becomes an even more accurate reflection of getting ready each morning.

So what are the pieces your wardrobe truly needs this season?

Heatwave Hacks

Monday, July 2, 2018

*Tip number one: Don't have a meltdown.

Us Brit's don't half love to complain, right? It's raining, we're complaining. It's too cold, we're complaining. Now, it's too hot, and what are we doing? Complaining. The moaning never stops. Although when one is cooped up in a stuffy office longing out at the window at said heat and sun, I think I have the right to complain at this point, right?! 

But whilst we're complaining about the heat, us Brit's certainly have some strange coping methods, and with an entire week of 30 degree heat upon us it's certainly felt like a long hot summer has officially arrived.

So, how do we cope?

Hey, I'm Toni

Sunday, June 24, 2018

You might know me better as ‘Clarke Couture’. Yep, it’s still me, I’m just a little new and improved.

Inside My Jewellery Box

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I spend a lot of my time on here sharing my outfits and how I'm pairing 'x' top with 'x' pair of jeans and jacket, but for me; it's the little details which really complete and make or break a look. The accessories. The statement earrings, the stacked rings, the subtle touch of an anklet or the draping of a pendant. And so today I invite you to step inside my Jewellery Box.

Stack it up, stack it in, let me begin.. (Wow, my puns truly are on fire today)
But incase you haven't already guessed, first things first we're discussing all things rings. There isn't a single day that goes by that I'll leave the house without my fingers adorned with rings and so when the team from Jewellery Box reached out to me my inner magpie was beyond excited. I opted for the prettiest sterling silver stacking set* alongside a birthstone ring* to add a personal sentiment to my looks. They all sit beautifully on and truly do make a bedazzling statement when all worn at once, as the gems aren't on the larger side; although different each ring compliments each other perfectly without deeming a 'distraction' nor on the OTT side of things. As they say, simple but effective and less truly is more. Silver really does compliment any outfit and these beauties have been the perfect touch of eye candy which I've needed lately.

Two of my favourite everyday rings come in the form of the 'Princess Tiara' Pandora rings featured in silver and rose gold, alongside the dainty 'Dazzling Daisies' ring. Fun fact: If ya didn't know daisies are actually my favourite flowers. 

Next up: Necklaces.
Beginning with my favourite, the Tiffany & Co 'Return to Tiffany' heart pendant, although simple in its design it adds a touch of elegance to any look which can be dressed both up and down. I received this as a gift for my 21st birthday and therefore it holds a very special place within my jewellery collection.

You may be beginning to tell I am not the biggest lover of gold jewellery, however I recently picked up this layered piece from Topshop which adds a touch of magic to my neckline when paired with a lower cut top. I love pairing layered pieces like this with tops very simple in their design in order to not sway the attention away from such a classic statement piece.

For me, a must have in any accessory collection is a good pair of statement earrings. I love pairing mine with a very plain outfit; allowing my ears to ironically do the talking rather than the listening. My favourite combo currently has to be an oversized black jumper, no necklace, a bold lip and then of course your statement earring to really draw attention to your face; add ya smile and you're good to go. Pair with jeans or pleated culottes and a statement sneak to complete your look.

And speaking of statement sneaks I've really been loving anklets recently. For jeans with a distressed, frayed hem or even a popper pant this just adds an extra touch of sparkle to your look when drawing attention to your ankles. To continue my love of daisies this Jewellery Box 'Daisy' anklet* is perfect for this. The attention to detail in this piece is simply stunning, I adore the pop of colour in the yellow centre making this piece very true to life, it truly does look just like a real daisy on my ankle! I can already see the endless outfit possibilities with this during the Spring when the daisy really begins to shine. Double your anklet up as a bracelet and you have the perfect 2 in 1 accessory within your jewellery box collection.

What are your accessory must haves? Get sharing in the comments below! I feel like I'm missing a choker or two in my collection but I just don't think that they suit me! *Inserts puzzled emoji girl here*
Until next time,

DISCLAIMER: Items marked with an asterisk (*) have been gifted to me by a company for review. All opinions however, are my own.

Paris | To See, To Eat, To Do

Monday, January 22, 2018

My first getaway of 2018 and what a perfect choice it was. I well and truly left my heart in the 'City of Love' this past week and here's why you will too...

Shop the look:

To See & To Do
Cliché as it may be, you simply cannot visit Paris without seeing its three most iconic monuments; the infamous Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomph and if you're into your art exhibitions then of course the Louvre must be at the top of your list. I would highly advise heading down early however as even in January which I wouldn't consider as 'peak season' the queues were piled high. I regrettably didn't manage to see the Eiffel Tower lit in all its glory in the evening definitely the perfect excuse for me to make a Parisian return right?!

For a stunning overview of the city, catching a glimpse of each of these beautiful Parisian sights the Wheel of Paris is a must. For just 12 euros per person step inside your carriage as the wheel sends you high into the heart of Paris not just once but twice to ensure you don't miss a thing.

Shop the look:

As one of the biggest four fashion capitals in the world, if you're a shopping lover then Champs Élysées is a serious must. Home to glamorous Parisian favourites including Louis Vuitton, Ladurée and Chanel; alongside high street names 'Zara' and 'H&M', then of course for the beauty lover there lies 'Sephora'. (I may or may not have splurged just a little bit too much.. maybe) And once you have reached the end of this shopper's paradise, you are greeted by the architectural beauty that is the 'Arc De Triomph'. I was simply blown away by the intricacy and detail that had gone into the creation of this landmark monument. Head down the stairs into the underground pedestrian walkway for tickets to a more in-depth talk upon its history, however if you just want to freely enjoy its beauty; head on past the queue and up the stairs to then admire at your leisure. And if shopping centres are more your thing as opposed to parading through crowded streets then be sure to pay Galaries Lafayette a visit on your trip. Home to well known favourite fashion brands including Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Chanel and Gucci, plenty of places to eat and drink surrounded by lavish interiors; this department store is perfect for both a day out or a glamorous browse.

And of course, the little kid inside of me just had to pay a visit to Disneyland Paris. The hour metro journey to this joyous destination was truly worth it, from the moment you step into the park until leaving you are filled with magic around every corner. From the thrill of the rides, the intricacy and detail that has gone into every piece of the park from the carriage designs to the realism of the 'robotic' characters; cheering on the characters as they parade through the kingdom on an array of beautifully designed floats, an array of foodie delights to tickle your appetite in the Disney Village and lastly ending your day with the most magical of firework displays whilst clips from classic Disney movies are projected onto the castle telling a story of both magic and happiness; Disneyland truly fills everyone's heart with joy no matter what age.

To Eat
If I were to describe my Parisian break in under 10 words I would probably have to go with something along the lines of 'The biggest food coma hangover of my entire life'. In other words, I certainly ate; a lot. Central Paris is certainly filled with restaurants galore and for those that miss their home comforts; as with the majority of cities you will find plenty of Pret a Manger's, Starbucks and McDonald's plotted around the city. But for those that want to discover those hidden little gems there were a few I came across throughout my duration in the city. Now, gimme all the macaroons.

Taking cover from the rain whilst exploring the city, I found myself in Le Café Gustave. Just a short walk away from the Eiffel Tower offering classic favourites including burgers and fries, pasta, pizza and bolognaises. Within just five minutes of placing my order, my bolognaise was freshly placed in front of me. If you're looking for a classic hideout with quick and friendly service, good tasting food and a generous portion for the price then this is one for you. I must admit the drinks were slightly over priced at around five euros for a glass of orange, however the exceptionally quick table service made the extra payment worth it for sure.

Fancy a sweet treat? Luckily for you Paris has plenty. Staying in the area of 'Montmarte' you will find 'La Creme de Paris' offering its customers the tastiest of treats from savoury brunch offerings to tasty crêpes and delicious ice creams. Now, all you need to do is dig in. Reasonably priced too, my boyfriend opted for a classic Nutella crêpe whereas I went for a 3 scoop serving of ice cream (Coffee, chocolate and vanilla.. just incase you were wondering) and certainly a big statement but I can honestly go as far into saying it was one of the nicest bowls of ice cream I have genuinely ever tasted. And I like ice cream, a lot. For just 10 euros 50 (4,50 for the crêpe and 5 for the ice cream) these sweet delights were worth every penny. Also open until 2:30am, perfect for those who fancy a midnight ice cream run or are looking for a cure to their drunken woes before hitting the pillow.

A little further down the road you will come across 'Happy Days Diner' and if you're into the look of retro American diners then this place is worth it purely for the Instagrams. With several restaurants dotted around the city, its dreamy blue and white interior immediately caught my eye; garnished with retro fifties American advertisements and a classic Pepsi Max vending machine, I then fell even further in food heaven with the stacked maple syrup pancakes. Serving up classic American favourites and fifties style milkshakes alongside vegan options, this place is a must for all.

Have you ever visited Paris before? What did I miss? - Leave your recommendations below and give me an excuse to go back! Planning a trip to the City of Love? Be sure to let me know if you visit any of these places.
Until next time, au revoir & bon voyage!

Get Your Sh*t Together In 7 Days

Monday, January 8, 2018

Hold up January! Incoming... Motivation has landed!

Oh January, how I love to like and hate you so much. Your promise of new beginnings and a new lease of motivation reels me in but halfway through the blues begin to sink in; the motivation dwindles and I'm still broke af from Christmas. Payday holla at me.

So whilst our good pal motivation is in town for the weekend, how can we ensure he's ready to unpack his bags and is here to stay? He's had a long journey and doesn't want to burn out too fast, from Monday to Sunday here are seven steps you can follow to get your sh*t together in just seven days...

No rest for the wicked as they say, use your Sundays to prepare for the loooooong week ahead.
On today's agenda:

  • Plan in the week's schedule - Here you should make note of what events are in your agenda for the week. A big meeting in work to prepare for? A hot date night on Wednesday? Dinner with the girls on Friday?
  • Step two: Review your bank account. Based on the above work/social events you have pencilled in for the week, it's time to make a note of any upcoming or outstanding bills. From this you should be able to set yourself a budget on any excess cash you have free to spend.
  • Lastly, meal prep. If you work an office job like myself you will understand how easy it is to binge on excess rubbish, (Honestly half the time I eat purely out of boredom) and all those lunches your buying each day; the money mounts up trust me. Not only will you be saving that dollar but you will be more likely to be eating clean too.

Monday blues or Monday motivation, however you view Mondays it's time to make them a day whereby you start as you mean to go on.

  • Set your alarm half an hour earlier, get yourself a good breakfast and head on out for a morning walk, a jog or get on down to the gym if that's more your thing. 
Trust me, I know just how difficult it is to wake up in the morning especially in the winter. Straying from my cosy bed into the frosty outdoors isn't particularly very appealing but you will feel so much more energised and ready for both your day and your week to begin.

  • Once you're up and ready or in the evening if you prefer; set yourself some time aside to clear your e-mails. I receive so many junk e-mails from companies and subscriptions over the weekend and as a blogger it's a good time to review any exciting PR mails which may have dropped into your inbox that you might have missed.

Moody Tuesday? That's a thing of the past from now on.

  • Today's task? Set yourself a goal of the day; This may vary each week depending on what you currently have outstanding. From forcing yourself to head to the gym or getting that company presentation complete which you've been putting off for a while, this is a nice way of getting sh*t done and continuing on with those 'Monday motivation' vibes from the previous day.

Midweek pick me up? Yes please.
Keep your mood afloat and your mind relaxed by setting yourself some time aside to invest in you. From a bubble bath and a face mask or half an hour reading in bed; today should be all about you.

Thursday thoughts? Teach yourself something new.
For me personally a big goal of mine this year is to learn more about photography and so on this day I'll be setting aside some time to research and expand my editing skills. Got a hobby you wish you knew more about? Wanting to develop in your job to potentially earn that promotion? Make today an investment into your learning.

They don't call it TGIF for no reason. Take the night off, you deserve it.

So we've cleaned our minds, we've cleaned our e-mails, we've cleaned our eating; now it's time to clean our space. From replenishing your workspace, cleaning your makeup brushes, emptying your bag (you wouldn't even believe the amount of receipts I hoard in mine each week..) it's crazy how much junk can pile up, and a clean space makes way for a clean mind, right?

Missed anything off of this list? What do you to do keep yourself organised? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time,

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