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Monday, January 8, 2018

Hold up January! Incoming... Motivation has landed!

Oh January, how I love to like and hate you so much. Your promise of new beginnings and a new lease of motivation reels me in but halfway through the blues begin to sink in; the motivation dwindles and I'm still broke af from Christmas. Payday holla at me.

So whilst our good pal motivation is in town for the weekend, how can we ensure he's ready to unpack his bags and is here to stay? He's had a long journey and doesn't want to burn out too fast, from Monday to Sunday here are seven steps you can follow to get your sh*t together in just seven days...

No rest for the wicked as they say, use your Sundays to prepare for the loooooong week ahead.
On today's agenda:

  • Plan in the week's schedule - Here you should make note of what events are in your agenda for the week. A big meeting in work to prepare for? A hot date night on Wednesday? Dinner with the girls on Friday?
  • Step two: Review your bank account. Based on the above work/social events you have pencilled in for the week, it's time to make a note of any upcoming or outstanding bills. From this you should be able to set yourself a budget on any excess cash you have free to spend.
  • Lastly, meal prep. If you work an office job like myself you will understand how easy it is to binge on excess rubbish, (Honestly half the time I eat purely out of boredom) and all those lunches your buying each day; the money mounts up trust me. Not only will you be saving that dollar but you will be more likely to be eating clean too.

Monday blues or Monday motivation, however you view Mondays it's time to make them a day whereby you start as you mean to go on.

  • Set your alarm half an hour earlier, get yourself a good breakfast and head on out for a morning walk, a jog or get on down to the gym if that's more your thing. 
Trust me, I know just how difficult it is to wake up in the morning especially in the winter. Straying from my cosy bed into the frosty outdoors isn't particularly very appealing but you will feel so much more energised and ready for both your day and your week to begin.

  • Once you're up and ready or in the evening if you prefer; set yourself some time aside to clear your e-mails. I receive so many junk e-mails from companies and subscriptions over the weekend and as a blogger it's a good time to review any exciting PR mails which may have dropped into your inbox that you might have missed.

Moody Tuesday? That's a thing of the past from now on.

  • Today's task? Set yourself a goal of the day; This may vary each week depending on what you currently have outstanding. From forcing yourself to head to the gym or getting that company presentation complete which you've been putting off for a while, this is a nice way of getting sh*t done and continuing on with those 'Monday motivation' vibes from the previous day.

Midweek pick me up? Yes please.
Keep your mood afloat and your mind relaxed by setting yourself some time aside to invest in you. From a bubble bath and a face mask or half an hour reading in bed; today should be all about you.

Thursday thoughts? Teach yourself something new.
For me personally a big goal of mine this year is to learn more about photography and so on this day I'll be setting aside some time to research and expand my editing skills. Got a hobby you wish you knew more about? Wanting to develop in your job to potentially earn that promotion? Make today an investment into your learning.

They don't call it TGIF for no reason. Take the night off, you deserve it.

So we've cleaned our minds, we've cleaned our e-mails, we've cleaned our eating; now it's time to clean our space. From replenishing your workspace, cleaning your makeup brushes, emptying your bag (you wouldn't even believe the amount of receipts I hoard in mine each week..) it's crazy how much junk can pile up, and a clean space makes way for a clean mind, right?

Missed anything off of this list? What do you to do keep yourself organised? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Until next time,

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