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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

I spend a lot of my time on here sharing my outfits and how I'm pairing 'x' top with 'x' pair of jeans and jacket, but for me; it's the little details which really complete and make or break a look. The accessories. The statement earrings, the stacked rings, the subtle touch of an anklet or the draping of a pendant. And so today I invite you to step inside my Jewellery Box.

Stack it up, stack it in, let me begin.. (Wow, my puns truly are on fire today)
But incase you haven't already guessed, first things first we're discussing all things rings. There isn't a single day that goes by that I'll leave the house without my fingers adorned with rings and so when the team from Jewellery Box reached out to me my inner magpie was beyond excited. I opted for the prettiest sterling silver stacking set* alongside a birthstone ring* to add a personal sentiment to my looks. They all sit beautifully on and truly do make a bedazzling statement when all worn at once, as the gems aren't on the larger side; although different each ring compliments each other perfectly without deeming a 'distraction' nor on the OTT side of things. As they say, simple but effective and less truly is more. Silver really does compliment any outfit and these beauties have been the perfect touch of eye candy which I've needed lately.

Two of my favourite everyday rings come in the form of the 'Princess Tiara' Pandora rings featured in silver and rose gold, alongside the dainty 'Dazzling Daisies' ring. Fun fact: If ya didn't know daisies are actually my favourite flowers. 

Next up: Necklaces.
Beginning with my favourite, the Tiffany & Co 'Return to Tiffany' heart pendant, although simple in its design it adds a touch of elegance to any look which can be dressed both up and down. I received this as a gift for my 21st birthday and therefore it holds a very special place within my jewellery collection.

You may be beginning to tell I am not the biggest lover of gold jewellery, however I recently picked up this layered piece from Topshop which adds a touch of magic to my neckline when paired with a lower cut top. I love pairing layered pieces like this with tops very simple in their design in order to not sway the attention away from such a classic statement piece.

For me, a must have in any accessory collection is a good pair of statement earrings. I love pairing mine with a very plain outfit; allowing my ears to ironically do the talking rather than the listening. My favourite combo currently has to be an oversized black jumper, no necklace, a bold lip and then of course your statement earring to really draw attention to your face; add ya smile and you're good to go. Pair with jeans or pleated culottes and a statement sneak to complete your look.

And speaking of statement sneaks I've really been loving anklets recently. For jeans with a distressed, frayed hem or even a popper pant this just adds an extra touch of sparkle to your look when drawing attention to your ankles. To continue my love of daisies this Jewellery Box 'Daisy' anklet* is perfect for this. The attention to detail in this piece is simply stunning, I adore the pop of colour in the yellow centre making this piece very true to life, it truly does look just like a real daisy on my ankle! I can already see the endless outfit possibilities with this during the Spring when the daisy really begins to shine. Double your anklet up as a bracelet and you have the perfect 2 in 1 accessory within your jewellery box collection.

What are your accessory must haves? Get sharing in the comments below! I feel like I'm missing a choker or two in my collection but I just don't think that they suit me! *Inserts puzzled emoji girl here*
Until next time,

DISCLAIMER: Items marked with an asterisk (*) have been gifted to me by a company for review. All opinions however, are my own.

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