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Monday, July 2, 2018

*Tip number one: Don't have a meltdown.

Us Brit's don't half love to complain, right? It's raining, we're complaining. It's too cold, we're complaining. Now, it's too hot, and what are we doing? Complaining. The moaning never stops. Although when one is cooped up in a stuffy office longing out at the window at said heat and sun, I think I have the right to complain at this point, right?! 

But whilst we're complaining about the heat, us Brit's certainly have some strange coping methods, and with an entire week of 30 degree heat upon us it's certainly felt like a long hot summer has officially arrived.

So, how do we cope?

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Sleeping. Probably (yet, ironically) the hardest activity to get through during the summer nights. You open the windows and are left with bugs galore deciding to throw a party in your room. You turn on a fan and within five minutes you're simply left with warm air being blown around your room. Refreshing, right?! Then there's the added electrical heat from simply having the fan on in the first place. You just can't win.. Wrong.

Ice packs will become your best friend this season. Around an hour before you're planning on going up to hit the hay, place a couple ice packs underneath your duvet and on the pillows. You' can thank me later. But do make sure they're only left around an hour, a cold bed and a wet bed are two very different things. One being most certainly, not as pleasant. 

If you can help it, try to unplug any and all devices you have on in your room. The heat powered by electricity only adds to the unfortunate situation so if your phone can wait until the morning for that charge; leave it until then.

You wouldn't leave the house without splashing on the deodorant right? So why skip this step pre-bed? To keep the sweat at bay, add your deodorant into your night routine. Cool pits = a much cooler you.

On the go. Next time you're passing your local drugstore, head to the holiday section and pick up a refillable body sprays. Simply fill up with water and bang, you've got yourself an on-the-go coolant. Keep in the fridge overnight (and in work too if you've got access to one!) for an instant cool off.

For quick make-up fixes, a setting spray I'm sure you'll agree will become your best friend this season. One of my personal favourites is the NYX Stay Matte, keep it all locked in place and cool off, rather than melt off with this trés-matte finish. Coming in a compact size, it's perfect for keeping in your handbag on-the-go. Continuing with the spray theme, opt for sunscreen sprays as opposed to lotions for a much quicker application.

OOTD. Now, we all know loose fitted clothing is the way forward. But gals, if you can; avoid padded bras. *TMI alert!* But, these are far more prone to locking in all that lovely underboob sweat. Mmmm. We've all been there, don't deny it.

As for footwear. If you're not particularly a sandals/slides person like myself (feet are gross, sorry not sorry), ditch the socks and opt for shoes with a flyknit/breathable mesh upper. So you can still rock your kicks whilst your feet aren't trapped in a volcano of sweat. I recently picked up these RS-0 Play's from Puma and they are the comfiest shoes ever. Period.

And to all my ladies without a thigh gap, I feel ya! When it's too hot outside to conform to trousers, you wanna keep the place aerated in skirts and dresses. But unfortunately, your thighs just don't agree with you right?! Before leaving the house in the morning, add some chafing gel or baby powder around the inner thigh area to prevent any rubbing/irritation throughout the day. Unfortunately being a girl just isn't always glamorous business. 

Now other than that, ice creams all round!
How do you cope with feeling hot, hot, hot? Share your tips in the comments below.

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